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Social Media Crisis

Today is the beginning of summer and the tendency is to want to relax. However, do not forget social media never stop and a hot topic for your brand can arise at any time. Are you ready to react? We can help. Without knowing at what time something that affects your brand might appear, do …

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Knowledge Management Teambuilding

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of creating, selecting, sharing, and effectively using and managing the knowledge within an organization. It is an internal communication tool, and it is used for selectively applying knowledge from previous experiences to current and future decision-making activities with the purpose of improving the organization’s effectiveness. Sharing knowledge is an interesting …

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stakeholders success organization

Stakeholders: the key parts for the success of an organization

Identifying and managing the relationship with stakeholders will be a key factor in the success of any organization. But what are stakeholders, after all, and what is their importance? Meaning “interested parties”, stakeholders are crucial for any organization and its success. But what are they, anyway? When we talk about stakeholders, we are referring to …

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Portugal: the digital overview

Throughout the years, we’ve been watching the constant growth of the digital world. In Portugal, this trend is not an exception. Therefore, how is Portugal’s digital overview? The companies We Are Social and Hootsuite develop, every year, numerous reports about world’s and countries’ digital overviews, including Portugal’s, where are shown some data and some trends …

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measure and evaluate

Measure and evaluate communication: everything you need to know

Communication’s importance has been more and more recognized throughout the years. Organizations see in communication a way to grow and to create and maintain relationships with its stakeholders as clients, employees, partners, among others. However, to communicate is not enough. It is necessary to measure and evaluate communication and the used strategy. Why measure and …

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Tendencies for 2021

Digital tendencies for 2021

If the world we live in was getting more digitalized, with this pandemic it’s undeniable that this digitalisation was accelerated. As so, it’s natural that multiple tendencies arise, some of them boosted by the current context. The development of technologies allied to the change of consumer’s experience as well as the change of their relation …

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