Case Beltrão Coelho – 2022

Discover the work we develop with the company Beltrão Coelho. Beltrão Coelho decided to create an Instagram account and Media em Movimento helped it give…

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Case Inventa – 2019


Inventa sought out Media em Movimento with the objective of positioning itself as the top of mind of organizations with regard to intellectual property. How did we…

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Case 2021 – Albergaria


Destilaria Levira decided to innovate and relaunch the Albergaria currant with anti-drip capsules. Communicating innovation in an almost century-old brand was a challenge with a…

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Case APODEMO – 2021


Discover the work we did in 2021 with APODEMO – Portuguese Association of Market Research Companies. In November, we were challenged by APODEMO to communicate the…

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Website, why do I need you?


It is increasingly important for companies to have a website. Well, we explain below all the reasons that will make you create your company’s website…

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