Case 2021 – Albergaria


Destilaria Levira decided to innovate and relaunch the Albergaria currant with anti-drip capsules. Communicating innovation in an almost century-old brand was a challenge with a period of two months.

How did we do it? The currant Albergaria has been part of the imagination of Portuguese families for decades, so the target audience was the final consumer and also the trade of beverages. The strategy involved the repositioning of the brand through partnerships with digital influencers and news in the media. Influencers were invited to try the currant and develop recipes based on this liqueur. We also took advantage of the festive dates of Halloween, Saint Martin and Christmas to show the application of the currant to the media, sending product kits to newsrooms with a digital book of recipes with currant. In addition, through product placement at the opening of a children’s entertainment space, we were able to take the brand further.

The results? Dozens of published news, with an estimated audience of more than 130,000 people, four influencers involved in digital actions, two social media hobbies and more than 50 product kits sent.