We are your
and Marketing Agency

An agency specialized in international business communication, from Portugal to the world and from the world to Portugal.
We are the communication and marketing HUB between continents, networking with specialists who operate in the target markets, respecting cultural and market differences.

Our History

We are an agency with more than 10 years of experience in communicating businesses in Portugal and around the world. We connect with partners in all continents in several languages. We create a reputation for your exports to the target markets, help your local partners to sell better. We also advise on the best strategy for communicate your business internationally.


Be the Portuguese agency specialized in international communication, providing excellent services through
a network, anywhere in
the world.


We pave the way for Portuguese companies to export and internationalize their business all over
the world.
We help foreign companies communicate their business in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries.


Transparency, Empathy, Ethics, Respect, Rigour, Flexibility, Exemption and Frontality.

How we work

We understand

Your business as if it was our own, in the country of origin, for the target markets and for which audiences. We ask questions and request data to add value to our integrated strategic proposition.

We connect

With our local partners in the target market, to gather data in the source markets that supports the best strategy for your business.

We execute

The road map from start to finish line and supervise the execution of the strategy with local partners in the target markets (in several countries simultaneously), avoiding the operational costs of travelling our team.

We measure

Everything because you can’t manage what you can’t measure. (Peter Druker)

Why work with us

Our team is available and will ensure careful monitoring throughout the process

We never stop, we know that only by giving the best we can have the best results

We follow the latest news in terms of communication and we insist on constantly updating our procedures

What they say about us

"When we´ve launched the challenge to Media em Movimento to work on Xerox's communication in Portugal, the objective was clear: to reinforce the brand's positioning. It is therefore with great satisfaction that, regarding these months of work, we see that this is yet a partnership of huge success."

Sandra Andrade,
Marketing Manager - XEROX Portugal

"Media em Movimento is a company
with whom we have had excellent results
far above expectations"

Manuel Sacramento,
client manager at COPS

“The Media em Movimento team has been fantastic in all issues
related to our brand's media relations. The service and support
they have provided has helped us increase and strengthen
the notoriety of our brand through the media"

Diogo Marroco, Inventa Internacional Marketing Director

“The collaboration with Massive Media has been excellent in every respect. In fact, it's not easy for a small organization like CDI Portugal to get the attention and personalization that MM has provided in the area of communication, giving it a visibility that isn't common for this type of project. The team is very dedicated and attentive, has they integrated perfectly into our routine and culture. And finally, I must highlight the agency's leadership, always discreet and always alert to the smallest details."

João Baracho, Chief Executive Officer at CDI Portugal - Center for Digital Inclusion

"We recommend this communication agency
for its professionalism and for the fact that it is always
available and openness to share their knowledge
with our network of members"

Andreia Jotta, communication director of CCIP

"The competence demonstrated by Media in Movement
was crucial for us to achieve our goals"

Carlos Mocho,
President of APODEMO- Portuguese Association of Market
and Opinion of Market Research and Opinion Survey Companies

"A very professional and of great quality.
They met our expectations and
I am deeply grateful"

Susana Ricardo,
founder of Lugar das Fadas

“We found a real partner in Media em Movimento.
They have a great knowledge of the PR world in Portugal and always have great ideas
on how to make it work. They take the time to get to know their clients and adapt
their approach to ensure the best results in every situation"

Jessica Ordovas, The British School of Lisbon

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