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Our History

We are a communication consulting company which supports companies, brands and people to communicate their projects in the press and in the digital world. We rely on a team of professionals  with journalism, communication, marketing and PR backgrounds, producing contents that can become news and that ensure the good image of your project on different digital platforms.  Our path begins in 2013 with the creation of a media advisory department, which quickly grew, giving way to design, digital marketing and, more recently, graphic and events production.


Being recognised by the excellency in communication: credible, ethical and practical.


Communicate projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives, the community and society, whether they are startups, SMEs or large companies. 


We follow the same values of journalists, so it’s easy to work in a serious, ethical, frontal way, with exemption and accuracy. We respect and we are respected.

Our Team

Mafalda Marques

General Manager

Daniel Marques


Rita Justo


Inês Antunes

Graphic Designer

Pedro Montijo

Digital Marketer

Mariana Barros Cardoso

Press Officer

How we work


 We want to know your business like we know ours. The first phase of our work is to ask questions in order to transform information into valuable content.


Know your communication goals, where you want to go, in order to present the best value proposition.


Now that we have all the information, we will implement the best solution to communicate your project.

Why Work with us

Our team is available and will ensure careful monitoring throughout the process

We are not stopped, we know that only by giving the best we can have the best results

We follow the latest news in terms of communication and we insist on constantly update our procedures

What they say about us

Existe sempre disponibilidade e resposta para todas as questões, sugestões ou dificuldades. Há uma boa interligação e como conhecem o nosso trabalho e essência, as propostas são sempre ajustadas.
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