Six mistakes you shouldn’t do when using SEO

Seis erros que não deve fazer ao utilizar SEO

Hello, dear reader, how have you been? I hope you are okay. If you are reading this text, it means you enjoyed the previous article and you now would like to know more about SEO. In case you have some doubts, you can reread the text we published before.

In this new article we will present you some mistakes you must not do, so it will not impact negatively your website’s SEO. We all want your page to be a success on search engines. Now, let’s go…

1. Unfriendly site

When we get in a site, we notice its design and how we can go through it. If something is not working or is not well-presented, our sense of mistrust is instantaneously activated. So, we won’t come back to the site and we will not recommend it to anyone.

2. Use an undefined title

Your site’s title tag must explain on a clear and direct way your page’s content. It is necessary to use a coherent keyword that makes mention to your website’s context.

3. Too many keywords

This is the oldest well known SEO practice. We are talking about the use of keywords many times in a text, trying to manipulate the classification of the site, when searching for it on Google. This technique used to work, and it was actually indicated by Google. However, the excess of use of these keywords ends up ruining the user’s experience, as they turn the text very artificial.

4. Usability

The golden tip we always hear about when developing a site is: “The user needs to understand how the site works and how he can go through it without any problems”. However, some companies don’t think about this. The first thing they will do is turn the website into a more beautiful site, instead of turning it useful for those who will use it. Be careful, because a bad user experience can lead you to less visits on your website and an inferior positioning on search engines.

 5. Black Hat

First of all, the term “black hat” refers to multiple techniques that intend to manipulate some main variables, in order to trick search engines and offer a different content than the proposed one. If you are using this technique, be careful! Pages that are now using this technique can be banned from search engines. Here are some tips:

  • Do not use hidden links or hidden text;
  • Avoid multiple pages with the same content;
  • Do not mask your page’s contente (cloaking);
  • Do not make unauthorized redirection.

 6. First place is not synonyms to success

This tip is a little polemic. Stay calm, we are not saying you must not worry about your page’s ranking. Why?

The answer is simple: pages that are found in the first place, end up losing clicks many times to the competition that is above them. Yes, we are talking about adverts, featured snippiets or question boxes, that attract user’s attention and end up ‘stealing’ some clicks.

Therefore, our suggest you to consider your content to the best possible positioning.

What we are trying to show you is that the use of SEO is not impossible or meaningless. There are many strategies, that, on the long term, consider a page’s relevant factors , so that she will be found.

These two articles pretend to introduce you to one of the most used techniques on digital marketing. We hope this was useful. In case you still have doubts, contact us.

For today, this is it! 😊

Pedro Montijo, digital marketeer in Media em Movimento



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