AFID launches tribute calendar for the Paralympic Games

Paralympic Games

AFID Diferença Foundation has prepared, for 2020, a tribute calendar for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which happen this year in Japan.

AFID created a calendar with the theme “Olympic and Paralympic spirit”, in which 12 of the modalities that will be represented in Tokyo during the Games are represented. Based on the Olympic spirit “CITIUS” – faster, “ALTIUS” – taller and “FORTIUS” stronger, AFID Diferença Foundation’s project represents in its calendar Boccia, Long jump, Pole vault, Weightlifting, Swimming – relay – , Synchronized Swimming, Rugby, Athletics – marathon -, Judo, Boxing and Tennis.

With AFID Diferença Foundation’s clients and employees as protagonists, AFID intends, with this, to associate itself with the sport’s valorization, in order to honor the Olympic and Paralympic spirit, whose motto – Citius, Altius and Fortius – was proposed by Pierre de Coubertin – Founder of the Olympic Games of the Modern Era – during the International Olympic Committee’s creation, in 1894, and introduced in the Paris Games, in 1924.

The president of the Board of Directors of the AFID Diferença Foundation, Domingos Rosa, says that “sport for People with Disabilities was initially conceived as a clinical experience”, but currently “it is seen in a different way, that is, its scope goes beyond therapy. Today, sports contribute to the (re)integration of People with Disabilities in community, assuming the concept of Normalization.”, adding that sports appear as “a positive way of integration is the competition between athletes with and without disabilities, creating extra motivation for sports’ practice, this being the most important aspect for obtaining good performances; by being motivated, the therapeutic, psychological value and the concept of normalization are implicit”.

With the base idea of images, Paulo Castanheira – photographer of the calendar – explains that “this year was to give voice to the caregivers and users of all areas of the AFID Diferença Foundation. In 2020, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo, whose ideal is to highlight the friendship, the excellence, the respect, as well as the determination, the courage, the equality and the inspiration.”.