Graphic production: why is it important for my business

graphic production Produção gráfica: porque é importante na criação da imagem do meu negócio

We all want our businesses and brands to be successful. Success can have several aspects, but ultimately, the way we interact with our customers and potential customers will determine the perception of the business in the market. Part of this perception is closely connected to graphic production.

But, after all, what is graphic production? What types of graphic materials do I need to develop so that my business has a strong and recognized identity?

We can define as graphic production as the entire process that involves the production of any graphic material, digital or physical, from the conception of the designer or creative, through the processes of choosing materials, prepress, printing and finishing.

All of this work involves a diverse group of stakeholders, from the designer, to the account manager, to the client himself.

In practical terms, we can be talking about the simple production of flyers or brochures, the creation of different packaging, a billboard, a piece for the point of sale of a store or for a specific event, or the entire graphic production of an event, of creative 3D development for a store, of endless opportunities to communicate.

Fluid communication is the primary key for the whole process to run smoothly and for the final product to be exactly as it was intended.

How can graphic production help me to improve my business? Here are some reasons to help you better understand the importance of this type of material:

  1. Consistency in the way of communicating – it is not just about what we want to convey as a brand, but how we do it. The process can sometimes be longer than simply creating a brochure. Understanding the visual identity of the brand – if it already exists – and adapting it to the materials that are being designed is essential for the final product to be successfully achieved;
  2. Differentiation – Today, business opportunities are increasingly greater. If the crisis in 2008 led, on the one hand, to a giant retraction of the world economy, it also had a positive reverse: people began to realize that, if they wanted to have work, they had to create it. This situation led to a growing wave of entrepreneurship and, today, the variety is immense, the important thing is to know how to choose. In this context, it is increasingly important for a brand to differentiate itself from the others. What makes them unique? What makes one person choose a brand of clothes detergent over another? All of this can and should be thought of from a graphic point of view;
  3. Segmentation and better business opportunities – do you know your target audience? Do you know how it relates to your brand? It is necessary to put all this knowledge in favor of your business, creating the right materials for the right segments. If you have a shoe store in Lisbon and sell shoes for men and children, you may have to invest in catalogs, in a playful and differentiating point of sale for children, among others. Is it the men who come to your store to buy shoes or their companions? A prominent and successful campaign in this area was set up by Old Spice, when it realized that it should communicate to women.
  4. The eyes also ‘eat’ – the expression is old, but it serves the purpose perfectly. Your business may be good, but if you have a more engaging way of showing it, the results might be even better.

No less important is to say that all communication must be integrated. Here, it is not a matter of privileging offline communication over digital communication, but of knowing how to live with both in harmony and according to the needs of each context.

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Rita Justo, press officer at Media em Movimento


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