SEO: Five reasons to bet on optimizing your website

SEO: Cinco razões para apostar na otimização do seu site

SEO: Five reasons to bet on optimizing your website

Nowadays it’s more than common that there are thousands of pages on the web to be published every day – I can guarantee that at this very moment more than 50 pages have been published on the internet. In the meantime, dear reader, you must be asking yourself: “If there are several pages online, how do I make mine stay ahead of the others?” The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimization, the famous SEO. In this article, we will explain what it is, how it works, and why you should bet on optimizing your business website for search engines.

First, let’s explain what Search Engine Optimization is. As the name implies, this is an optimization tool for search engines, that is, a set of techniques that influence search engine algorithms to define the ranking of a page for a particular keyword that was searched. Before this, the links were organized in the result pages in alphabetical order as in the web directories (the first search engines created on the internet).

Although the practice of SEO is widely used, it is not possible to guarantee that your page will be ranked first in a search. However, with a wide range of good practices, you can make your page well ranked so that search engines consider it in their first results.

There are several factors that influence the ranking of the pages, however, it is not always clear how the search engines categorize the pages. However, thanks to some nerds in the digital world, it is already possible to identify some practices behind the structure of a website. Of course, we must not forget to use good keywords.

That being said, you must be thinking: “OK, I already understood what SEO is, but how is the ranking of pages then done and what are the advantages for my business?”.

Now that you know how web pages are categorized, find out the five reasons that will make you want to start optimizing your site as soon as you finish reading this article:

1) It generates unpaid traffic (organic) to your website

The organic search part ends up representing a large part of a website, besides being important for the sales funnel – after all, nothing better than generating traffic in an organic way than a sponsored one, isn’t it? Even better when the organic visit generates a conversion at the end. As Google has more than 70% of the search market and most people access it for information, tips and etc., being present in the top positions as a result of searches, will work in favor of your brand, increasing traffic to your website.

2) It highlights your brand or your business on search engines

Having a website with a good and functional optimization already helps your company to compete with other companies in the same industry or even larger companies. The use of SEO is an advantage for companies that do not use or do not know how to use it properly, however, you cannot compete with companies that advertise on search engines.

3) Greater lead generation

One of the advantages that we can claim from SEO is its ability to increase traffic to the website and make users become future customers, of course, when it is applied correctly. Let’s make it a little clearer: let’s assume that you own a utility store and already have your page optimized, it already occupies the first place in search results with the keyword “tools that don’t break”. The chances of a customer clicking your link and buying your product are huge. Local SEO also contributes a lot, whose function is to optimize digital properties for a specific website, so that consumers can find your business quickly and easily. In other words: local SEO increases your conversion rates;

4) Improves conversion rates

Websites already optimized are easy and quick to read and use. The websites are displayed well on the screens of mobile phones end up attracting more users, since it is now more common to have more access by smartphones instead of laptops. Because of this, they end up attracting and retaining more users. If everything is in perfect harmony, the user can become a potential customer.

5) Reduces digital advertising costs

So far we already know that SEO needs investment, but if we compare it with a sponsored link, the investment is much smaller. The difference is that the return on investment of the campaign with SEO continues even after the investment, that is, if a website was optimized for a specific keyword, it will remain optimized even if you decide to stop your strategy for other parties . In other words, the page will continue to be ranked on Google and other search engines.

Are you curious to know more about SEO? Be sure to contact us, but we take the opportunity to also leave the help of “Doctor Google” to understand a little more about search engine optimization.

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