Consumer: the main piece of the puzzle

Knowing your consumer well and his behavior is a determining factor in the communication strategy of any company.

The constant technological evolution, followed by an increasingly competitive market, makes it essential to know what can influence consumer behavior and, depending on these factors, anticipate their attitudes and habits.

Knowing how the consumer thinks, acts, and above all, what motivates him allows better management at the time of decision making. Attracting and retaining consumers is one of the main goals and, therefore, companies should focus on this element.

So what are the factors that influence my consumer’s behavior?

The study on consumer behavior it executed in multiple areas, such as sociology, psychology, economics, and social anthropology. This study determines what perception people have about a brand or a company, and everything that allows the relationship between these two parts. 

We are daily influenced by ads, by the opinion of family and friends, and even social media gained strength in this area – and we must not forget that we too are consumers. The main goal of the study of consumer behavior is to understand the how, when, where, and why of a certain choice, whether it’s performed at the time of purchase of a product/service or not.

The main factors are:

  • Cultural factors – such as the ideals and values built in childhood, ethnic groups, religion, and the social class of which the consumer is part;
  • Social factors – family, reference groups (professional or friends) and digital influencers;
  • Personal factors – age and stage of life, type of professional position, financial situation, personality and lifestyle, and the consumer’s own “history” of life;
  • Psychological factors – the motivation of the consumer, their perception and learning, and their beliefs and attitudes.

All the above factors directly or indirectly affect consumer behavior and, while often not controllable, companies should be able to target them based on a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

The way you communicate your business will be more assertive and will sound better for those who listen to you. After all, the main goal is to make your company gain visibility for the fundamental part of the puzzle: the consumer.

Andrea Monteiro, Digital Marketeer at Media em Movimento