The importance of consumer engagement with brands

The importance of consumer engagement with brands

What motivates you to buy or get involved with a brand? There are several types of purchases, and there are several ways that a consumer can get involved during the process of purchasing a certain product. The degree of involvement can be decisive and to understand this we will talk about the FCB model and how it can help brands determine this involvement with their consumers.

The FCB model was developed by Richard Vaughn as vice president of the advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding, FCB being the agency’s initials and what gives the model its name. This model was developed in order to differentiate the high or low involvement of a consumer based on two other dimensions: thinking or feeling. These last two dimensions tell us, according to the author, if the purchase decision is made more based on cognitive or affective elements.

Thus, based on these four variables, there are four behavioral situations that can occur:

  1. High involvement + thinking – in this case, consumers are highly involved in researching information, product characteristics, reviews, comparing prices, and the decision is always made as conscientiously as possible. In this field, we find purchases of higher value goods, such as real estate, cars, loans or life insurance;
  2. High involvement + feeling – here, consumers are seduced by the product, but they also end up gathering a lot of information about it until they make a purchase decision. This category includes products such as jewelry, beauty products, cosmetics, clothing or motorcycles;
  3. Low involvement + thinking – in these cases, the consumer is not involved with the product, he tries it to see if he likes it, and may, over time, develop an emotional relationship with the product. This applies to the purchase of food and other essential goods, such as detergent or toilet paper;
  4. Low involvement + feeling – here, despite the low involvement, there is an impulse purchase and, later, the consumer develops an emotional relationship with the product. They are purchases by desire, as is the case with the purchase of cigarettes, chocolates, sweets, soft drinks, or ice cream.

Why should I take this into account for my brand?

First of all, it is important to understand in which of these four categories the product you sell is in. Then, it is important to understand how your consumer relates to your product, only then will he be able to direct you to an assertive marketing and communication strategy that will help you connect even more with those who follow you.

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