Blog: a business opportunity?

Blogs have followed the Internet since its beginnings and can have multiple forms and purposes. Do you believe that a corporate blog can bring you more business? Believe it, it is true and we will show you why.

Let’s start by deconstructing the etymology of the word itself. Blog comes from the English word log,, to which is added the fact that it is being done on the web, hence the word blog.

Diaries are a part of the human being, we live on stories and stories feed us. We like to keep a record of what happens to us and human curiosity leads many people to venture themselves into personal blogs, as do companies.

Therefore, there are several types of blogs:

  • Personal – created by a person who wants to express his/her opinion on the most varied topics;
  • Professional – a blog where you expose your opinions but from the point of view of an expert and whose objective is to expand your professional relationships and position yourself in your activity sector;
  • Thematic – specialized in a certain topic, from travel, to fashion, technology, beauty, health, among others;
  • Corporate – created to give visibility to a company or a business, using educational and specialized content that will increase the reputation of that same business.

Does my business need a corporate blog?

So let’s focus on corporate blogs. It is common for entrepreneurs to ask themselves about the need for a corporate blog and if it is really important. There is no right answer. The blog will be important depending on what you want to do with it and depending on your business.

The advantages, however, are many:

  • Increases the company’s visibility;
  • Increases the reputation of the business, positioning yourself as an expert;
  • It increases your ‘digital footprint’ and improves your website’s SEO, as well as your chances of being well positioned in search engine searches, like Google;
  • Increases traffic to your website;
  • Finally, it helps to retain customers and attract new leads.

How to create a corporate blog?

Now that you have realized the benefits of having a corporate blog, we’ll tell you how you can easily create yours.

1 – Define an editorial line – what topics will your company’s blog talk about? If you have a law firm it will make sense to have posts explaining the latest legislative changes. If you have a clothing store you may want to talk about the latest fashion trends, and so on. Remember that when defining themes you should take into account the needs of your target audience and what you want to read about.

2 – Frequency of posts – having a blog implies frequent updating, not necessarily on a daily basis, but don’t expect to retain your audience with one article a month. Ideally, try to have updates every week.

3 – Get your experts to write – are your employees the best in the world? If so, take the time to get them to write about their areas of expertise for the company’s blog. Not only will it give you credibility, but you will be able to create an even closer relationship with the employee himself, who will feel that his work is appreciated and valued.

4 – Links with purpose – it is important that the content of your blog has sources of interest, whether from other websites within the area in which it operates, but also studies, articles, or other blogs. This will positively impact your website’s SEO and improve your visibility on the web. But it is important for links to always have a purpose.

5 – Be open to receiving feedback – a blog aims to comment and be commented, so that you can create a true relationship with those who follow you. Therefore, it is always important to have the blog prepared to receive comments. So whoever follows you will know that their opinion counts.

6 – Share your updates – finally, don’t forget to post your blog on your own media channels. Share your updates on social media, in a targeted newsletter, thus generating more traffic to it.

Ready to create a corporate blog? Talk to us and tell us your idea!

Rita Justo, press officer at Media em Movimento


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