Business Model Canvas in your business

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that allows the development of business models, being, in practice, a visual map that contains nine blocks to be filled.

The Business Model Canvas can generally be divided into two major sections: the one on the right, which has more subjective and emotional elements, and the one on the left, that has the most logical and structural elements.

However, the nine blocks are related and communicate with each other. We will now list them all.

Customer Segments

  • Who are we creating value for?
  • Who are our most important customers?

Value Proposition

  • What value proposition will we bring to our customer segment?
  • What customer problems does the company solve?
  • Which products and services are we going to offer each customer segment?
  • What customer needs do we aim to satisfy?


  • Through which channels will the customer segment be reached?
  • How are they being achieved today?
  • How are the channels linked together?
  • Which channels works best?
  • What is the channel with the best quality/price ratio?
  • How will the channels adjust to the clients’ routines?

Customer Relationships

  • What kind of relationship does the customer segment expect from the company?
  • What relationships are already established?
  • How do these relationships relate to other parts of the business?
  • How much do existing relationships cost?

Revenue Stream

  • How much is the customer segment willing to pay?
  • What do they currently pay for?
  • How does the customer segment pay today?
  • How would they prefer to pay?
  • What is the contribution of each revenue source to the total revenue?

Key Resources

  • What key resources does the value proposition require?
  • And the delivery channels?
  • And the relations?
  • And the sources of revenue?

Key Activities

  • What key activities does the value proposition require?
  • And the delivery channels?
  • And the relations?
  • And the sources of revenue?

Key Partners

  • Who are our key partners?
  • Who are our key suppliers?
  • What key resource can the company obtain from its key partners?
  • What key activities do the key partners engage in?

Costs Structure

  • What are the most important costs of the business models?
  • What are the most expensive key features?
  • What are the most expensive key activities (for example, is your business more value-driven or more cost-driven?)?

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