Voice: how does your brand speak?

Como fala a sua marca? voz voice

Knowing how your brand speaks and what tone of voice it should have is essential for good communication and for a good marketing strategy. But does my brand speak? Yes, and here’s a good opportunity to address that.

All brands must have a voice, a personality, regardless of their industry or what they have to offer. The way our audience perceives what we say is essencial and our voice and tone of voice must always be aligned with the type of brand we aspire to be.

So let’s start by differentiating the voice from the tone of voice:

  • Voice – what our brand is, its personality;
  • Tone of voice – the emotional way our brand chooses to relate.

Choosing this tone of voice is essential for successful communication. There are several tones of voice. The voice of our brand can be:

  • Fun – if my brand is a summer festival, for example;
  • Didactic or pedagogical – for example, in the case of a university;
  • Formal – if I have a law firm;
  • Informational – if my brand is, for example, a media outlet;
  • Irreverent – known cases from the brands Sumol, Control, Super Bock.

How should I choose my brand or business voice and tone, then?

“First things first”: before defining the voice, it is crucial to define the objectives of your communication, whether they are to sell, inform, create a close relationship, entertain, there are several goals that you can keep in mind and it is based on that that you can then define your voice.

No less important is to define what your brand or business wants to be. You already know what personas are for and why we define these identities for our buyers (buyer persona), right? So, now apply that knowledge to your brand and create a brand persona.

Does your brand also have an identity? Yes, it has and it goes far beyond the vision, mission and values. So let’s deconstruct it, what values ​​it wants to transmit to its target audience, what the brand represents, how does it relate to the people around it and then define in what tone our brand speaks.

Only then can you find your voice and think of the tone of voice you want to set:

  • Should you treat your audience in a formal or informal way?
  • Does it make sense to repeat certain expressions, create patterns in your speech?
  • Do you use emojys in your digital communication?
  • Do you like asking questions?

Where to talk?

Your voice will define everything else, namely in which channels your brand will be present with that same voice that you defined.

The channels on which we communicate are as important or even more important as the way we do it. Choose where to be offline – advertising in newspapers, billboards, posters, events, etc. – and online – in which social media do I want to relate to my audience, do I want to send you newsletters, have a blog, a chatbot, a channel customer support via Whatsapp?

Everything is important for your marketing strategy to be aligned and for your message to be perceived in the best way. After all, the competition is fierce and we don’t want to be left behind.

So, do you know which voice has your brand and what tone of voice you should use? Contact us to help you choose the best way to communicate your business.

Rita Justo, press officer at Media em Movimento