Influencer’s importance for your company’s Image

influenciadores media em movimento

Many brands are now searching for Influencers, so that they will promote their products. Get to know the study from 2017 that can help you identifying your potential Influencers. 

Influencers are trends’ prescribers, and they position themselves in segments that might be interest for some companies. Influencers can be public figures, as actors, musicians or models, bloggers or even recognized professionals in some sector, as for example some nutritionists, medics, or athletes.

When choosing an Influencer, the most important things to consider are the way the influencers position themselves and who are their publics, so that brands and companies won’t affect their reputation.

The study Public Figures and Brands in Portugal 2017 allows to know the opinion of Portuguese people about the participation of public figures in advertising campaigns or social sensibilization campaigns.

When considering the opinions about the attributes or personal characteristics a public figure must have to participate in these campaigns, honesty was considered the most important attribute.

In a scale from one (not important at all) to ten (very important), this attribute got an average classification of 8.80. Credibility was also valued, with an index of 8.72, followed by sympathy (8.59) and competence (8.39).

On the list of analyzed attributes we also can find beauty, youth, maturity, persuasion, prestige, reputation, sense of humor, sobriety, and talent.

Assist to Fama Show’s report about the inauguration of the first children’s spa in Portugal – Princelândia Lisboa – where we were challenged to choose public figures to this international franchising brand.