Export to the Portuguese diaspora

The Portuguese diaspora is present in several countries around the world, so it’s only natural that should be target export markets for Portuguese companies. Some of the main countries where there are significant communities of Portuguese or Portuguese descendants include Brazil, the United States of America, France, Canada and even Venezuela, not forgetting the African continent.

There are Portuguese communities in many other countries around the world, including African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, as well as other European and Asian nations.

The Portuguese diaspora has a significant presence in many countries, and Portuguese living outside Portugal maintain strong cultural and emotional ties with their homeland. This often manifests itself through the preservation of the Portuguese language, the celebration of Portuguese traditions and festivities, as well as the trade in typical Portuguese products such as wines, food and handicrafts.

Countries with Portuguese communities

Some of the main countries where there are significant communities of Portuguese or Portuguese descendants include:

  •  Brazil: With a history of Portuguese colonisation, Brazil is home to the largest Portuguese diaspora in the world, with millions of people of Portuguese descent.
  • United States of America: There are significant Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant communities in areas such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, New Jersey and Connecticut, among others.
  • France: has a significant Portuguese community, especially in regions such as Paris and Lyon.
  •  Canada: there is a sizeable Portuguese community in areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • Venezuela: has historically received many Portuguese immigrants, although the recent political situation in the country may have affected this community.

The “nostalgia market” plays a crucial role in the internationalization process, going beyond simply selling Portuguese products to Portuguese communities or those of Portuguese origin abroad. It acts as a platform for reaching other local audiences in the destination countries, as well as boosting the promotion and publicise of Portuguese products in foreign markets.

“Portugal’s economic growth and structural modernisation have led to a change in external economic strategy, with Latin America playing a promising partner in diversifying exports and promoting cooperation in various formats.” Yakovleva, N. (2022)

The potential of the Portuguese diaspora

The “nostalgia market” is not just about selling Portuguese products, but also involves members of emigrant communities who actively promote national products in the countries where they live, becoming true ambassadors for Portuguese brands, services and solutions.

The ultimate goal is to reach foreign markets, where there is a demand for Portuguese nostalgia and identity, but also where other potential consumers with greater purchasing power reside. In this sense, it is essential that tradition is aligned with the quality, differentiation and innovation of the products, thus guaranteeing their relevance and competitiveness in international markets.

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Please note that:
In 2008, a British translation services company conducted a survey of 1,000 translation professionals to list the most difficult words to translate. And our word ‘saudade’ came in seventh place.
´Saudade´ is to miss someone or something. To miss, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is literally to feel sad about someone or something you’ve missed. So, the closest word to translate ‘Saudade’ is Nostalgia.

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