The wave of audio marketing

All the companies are constantly looking for new ways to reinvent themselves, and audio has become one of the most widely used media since the pandemic.

One of the most effective trends that has emerged in recent years and is gaining more and more ground is audio marketing. This strategy uses sound elements, such as music, sound effects and even voice, to build a unique and engaging brand identity.  

All of us are naturally drawn to sounds and music, and these elements can have a profound impact on our emotions and behaviour. Hearing plays a fundamental role in everyone’s experience and audio marketing takes advantage of this connection between sound and emotion to create a stronger connection between the brand and the customer.  

According to the Europe Digital Audio Advertising Report 2023, produced by GroupM Nexus, the performance marketing organisation integrated into GroupM, in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe), 66% of companies intend to financially invest in audio in the future, making it one of the biggest communication tools.  

Three reasons to use audio marketing  

Building a Brand Identity  

One of the main benefits of audiomarketing is the ability to build a distinctive brand identity. By creating original music or even using a recognisable voice, a company can differentiate itself from the competition. This sound identity can be as strong as a visual logo and can be instantly associated with the brand.  

For example, brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have created jingles that have become viral and unforgettable, being intrinsically linked to their brands. 

 See here: Mc Donald’s – I’m Lovin’ it 

Reinforcing Brand Memory and Recognition  

Audiomarketing also plays an important role in building brand memory. Repeting of a specific sound elements in adverts, videos and other marketing materials helps to reinforce the association between the sound and the brand in consumers’ minds. This leads to brand recognition and customer loyalty (Top of Minds). For example, the PME Magazine Podcast, called “Influencia-me”, was a podcast aimed at just that, communicating and debating about brands and their challenges.  

Accessibility and Inclusion 

 Audiomarketing can be an important tool for making companies more accessible and inclusive. Adding sound descriptions to adverts and videos can make the content more accessible to people with visual impairments, thus extending the brand’s reach. 

The world of communication is constantly evolving and audiomarketing, although is`s not new, is back on the agenda. Companies that want to stand out or are simply looking for a new technique, should invest in audiomarketing as a marketing strategy. 

By: Joana Mendes, press officer trainee