Influencers as a part of the communication strategy


Are you taking into consideration the possibility of collaborating with an influencer on your next strategy, but you do not know where to start? Get to know the four types of influencers and which one is the best for your communication strategy.

Social media changed how brands communicate its products and services. Part of this transformation is given to the fact that influencers/content creators, through their creativity and power of influence on the audience, work as strong mediators between brands, products or services and the public.

On the contrary of what you might think, an influencer’s role on the marketing strategy does not go through direct sales, but through the building of a position in the long term. Therefore, the idea is to establish a partnership that will allow you to increase your brand’s notority and to associate a product to a certain public. The more you have a straight relationship between a brand and an influencer, in terms of duration and presence, the bigger will be the naturality of your partnership. These results will reflect themselves in the impact of the comercial collaboration, bringing benefits to both parts.

What to take into consideration before a partnership?

The credibility: would the influencer use your brand if he was not paid for it?

The Match: your business and the choosen influencer must be coincidentes when talking about values, purpose, communication, public, authenticity, passion and knowledge.

Forms of communication: actions likestorytelling, story doing, product placement or reviews that are made in a considerably longer tome have more impact than singular and unique mentions. When the audience is more informed and critical, easier i tis for the followers to understand if the partnership is merely commercial.

The objective of the match: you must have clear objectives and expectations for your partnership. If it is for increasing sales, increasing website’s traffic, growth on social media or divulgation of a new product, get your objective clear from de beginning.

The platform: evaluate the platform in which your brand’s public is in and where your influencer has a greater relevance.

Freedom of creativity: The content creator must participate in the creative process of the communication. On the other hand, the brand must take into consideration the characteristics of the influencer’s public, how the content creator communicates, so that you can assure there is coherence, credibility and credibility in the collaboration.

But how many types of influencers are there and with which one must you collaborate?

If social media revolutionized the way companies communicate and sell, one of the principal actors in this digital transformation were definitively influencers.  However, this “new profession” still brings up some questions. The truth is there still exists a lack of knowledge about efficiency, results measurement, work methodology or even agreements between brands and influencers. Certainly, you will be surprised when knowing there is more than one type of influencer and all their specificities.

1.    Nano Influencers (a thousand – 10 thousand followers)

Let’s start with the content creators that have the smallest number of followers: nano influencers. These influencers have a big interaction rate and produce content about a specific theme or issue, being leaders of strong communities and being able to share their messages with a bigger naturality and efficiency.

When including this group of content creators in your communication strategy, think about getting together several influencers, so that you can get a bigger reach of audiences. In the possibility of them not having experience in publicity or advertising, you must invest in orientations and some accompaniment, so that the content is well oriented.

Nano influencers are a good option for companies thar work with niche markets, with very specific business, turned to a more segmented public.

2. Micro Influencers (10 thousand – 100 thousand followers)

Like nano influencers, the micro ones have a interested audience on their content. However, they have a bigger number of followers. Because they have some visibility they will try to monetize their work, so sometimes ther is a cost associated.

Micro influencers, like nano influencers, are indicated to brands thar are looking for a bigger engagement with their public, while also trying to convert potential consumers.

According to o Expercity, this type of creators presents a conversion 22,2 times bigger than macro influencers. They usually talk about specific themes that are, however, interesting to a great ammount of people, like beauty, gastronomy, lifestyle, travels, humour, health, etc..

The themes they talk about usually have a sinergy between them, which attracts a diverse public, but with common interests.

3. Macro influencers (100 thousand – 1 million followers)

Macro influencers have hundreds of thousand followers. They are indicated for your strategy when you have as an objective a massive divulgation, that will reach many people at a time. The produced content of these influencers has a big potential when talking about the amplification of a brand’s exposition, repercussion’s increasing, buss generation, etc..

4. Mega influencers (1 million followers or more)

Mega influencers correspond to celebrities, going beyond a million of followers.

At the same time they share information for a big amount of people, their engagement tends to be smaller, while the contract values are very high.

Many of these people were already famous before social media, once we are talking about television artists, journalists, football players, etc., while others have been producing content for a long time, winning fame across the years.

With a big and diverse audience, their relationship with the public is very distant.

These influencers are indicated as a key message in mass divulgation. Products or new services, that are in the phase of introduction to the market that need to be well known by a big number of people, usually belong to this type of influencers.

Mega influencers are also interesting to share big events, promotions and easy access products that are available to buy in many selling points that have deliveries in several places, in Portugal or all around the world.

With the growth of social media and the consequent changes in brand’s communication, influencers won a new role in companies’ strategies. If you are one of them, you already have found out what to take into account, so that your partnership goes on the best possible way. What are you waiting for to try our services of influencers’ management?

By Carmen Alcobio, Digital Marketing specialist in Media em Movimento


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