How to plan the communication of your organization in 2021

planear a comunicação

Communication is crucial for the development of your organization. Just like in a car, an organization does not only depend on communication to run, but on a series of parts that makes it function. Therefore, communication is the key when it comes to matters of employees’ motivation, or the company’s reputation.

Organizational communication is made of two types: external and internal. Both always involve the company’s stakeholders, being that external communication focuses more on clients and internal communication is more for the internal audience (employees, partners and suppliers). In both types, it is important to plan the communication to better organize the organization’s agenda, manage the budget for each department, ensure a clean image and understand which topics should be tackled in the future.

The first step to the communication plan of your organization is to analyse your current positioning, i.e., how you are perceived in the market. This step is very important so that we can move on to the second one – wanted positioning. It is not necessary to change this aspect of the company however, if you want to evolve, there are adjustments that must be made.

The next step is to make a list of the goals you want to reach, for example:

– Increase sales;

– Improve the organization’s image;

– Engage teams in their activities;

– Gain more partners, among others.

One tool to evaluate those goals is through the SMART concept. You will have goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Who do we want to reach?

After clarifying the previous steps, let us move on to a specific topic you need to tackle in your organization. The fourth step is to identify the target, i.e., the audience you want to reach. Only then can you choose the message – fifth step – because we always have to know whom we are communicating to. The content should be clear, objective, and easy to understand.

The sixth step has to do with the actions to achieve a certain goal. At this moment you decide what is going to be done in concrete. The next two steps can be done simultaneously: where and when. It is essential to choose the best channel to transmit a message to an audience, as well as the best timing and length.

Finally, everything has a cost, even if it is the time you spend. Thus, you should estimate the budget you are thinking of spending in an action. Last, but not the least, we suggest that you evaluate what was done, in a quantitative and/ or qualitative way. You will know more easily and quickly what is (or not) effective in your organization.

We dissected a communication plan, so it is easier for you to organize the communication of your company for 2021. To plan is essential, but never forget that every plan for the future must be flexible, especially nowadays.

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Marta Leite, content curator in Media em Movimento



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