Instagram from A to Z: new features, tips, and strategy

Instagram de A a Z

The evolution of the digital world happens in the blink of an eye, something that is already noticed by all. But are you using Instagram to its fullest?

It is interesting to realize that the use of social media constantly changes the way we interact and engage. Being at the forefront of new features and understanding how you can produce and share content is a hard work of research and experimentation. But don’t worry, we’re here to share everything we know with you!

Instagram’s new features

Celebrating its tenth anniversary (it’s true, it’s been 10 years since Instagram came out), and to mark the occasion, new features  have been added to one of the most used apps of the moment.

We start by revealing the funniest variant of the latest updates. Did you know that from now on, you can choose what the app icon on your phone looks like to suit your background/theme in a customized way?

All you must do is update the Instagram app to its latest version, access your account settings, and drag the screen down from the main settings menu until you can’t do it anymore! Very fun and personal addition that easily convinces any user.

Now that you’ve selected a new look for your Instagram icon, we introduce you to the “Story Map” that lets you see all the stories you’ve posted in a calendar and on a location map if you used the location identification stickerThis new feature puts an end to the myth of the disappearance of stories after 24 hours. 🤫

To expand the e-commerce tools and, after adding the Purchase feature, best known for an icon of a shopping bag, Instagram now adds a streaming feature to IGTV. This feature is only available if, when producing a certain content, purchase labels are added. The potential for revenue growth in this social media app focuses on a strategy closely linked to online commerce, so Instagram has already shared that this feature will soon be also available on Reels.

I present to you Reels, the latest “Tik Tok from Instagram”, as they say. This is, like the ones I’ve already told you about, one of the latest features on Instagram. A tool that emerges with the promise of facing Tik Tok.

The tool allows you to create short videos (up to 30 seconds) by adding the most fun of the numerous filters and effects. You can also adjust the speed of your video, and even add music from your Instagram library. To use this feature you will need to access the camera directly in the app (top right) and then slide between the options at the bottom of the camera mode to the “Reels” option, and then you’re ready to give wings to your imagination. Reels isn’t available to all users currently, but don’t worry, it won’t be long!

Tips for your brand to gain prominence on Instagram

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Instagram and your target audience is no exception! Whether it’s for watching videos of loved ones or buying that sweater that’s on that amazing feed, brands have the power to stand out on this social media, ensuring they’re aware of the habits of online consumers.

So, we leave you some tips to help you build a solid and appealing brand image:

#1 Consistency

Content shared on Instagram should be taken care of (just like on any other social media) and above all aligned with the voice and brand design. Having a brand easily identified by your content is the goal for which we, marketing professionals, work every day! 

Color schemes, font, logo, are some examples of the aspects to keep in mind, but if you’re still in doubt, no one better than my fellow designers to help you with the graphic part. 😉

#2 Traffic

When it comes to introducing links, we can admit that Instagram is not so friendly, because it does not allow the use of links in the descriptions of posts (#boring). This is where the profile biography comes in! You should adjust and change the “link in the bio” regularly so that your audience has access to articles published on your blog, or any other type of links you want to promote.

#3 Frequency

In order for your audience not to forget about you and continue to engage with your brand, how often you publish is very important. It is not necessary to overload and/or exaggerate on the number of posts you make, but to do so frequently (and, of course, consistently). Plan and organize the best strategy for the periodicity of your publications.

I hope you enjoyed the latest news and tips for Instagram, in a blink of an eye I will be here again to share with you more news about the world of social media. 😉

See you soon!

Andrea Monteiro, Digital Marketeer na Media em Movimento

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