What is branding? And what about its importance?

O que é branding e qual é a sua importância?

Hello, dear reader, how have you been? This time, we bring you a different subject from the usual.. We are not talking about social media or about how to make digital promotions. We are going to talk about branding! Let’s find out some curiosities.

What is branding?

First of all, keep in mind that branding and brand are two completely different things. Branding is a way of managing the brand strategies from a company which contributes to the construction of a positive perception of your company, from the consumer. On other words, it is the way you would like to be seen by your consumer.

Branding corresponds to a brand’s identity, which must be unique and have a connection to what the public wishes and needs, in other to attract him. Therefore, it is important for brands to know how to manage the perception the public has from the company, and we are talking here about the company’s values, its services, its products and the experience it gives to users. Branding creates the necessary reputation and the necessary recognition for you to improve your business’ results.

However, when talking about the brand we are not only talking about the logo, the name or about the visual identity. The brand is the set of sentiments and experiences a public has or creates on its mind, according to the experience he has or had with the company. Most times, this process of identification with a brand is individual, but many people can feel the same. This perspective is based on the user’s social, cultural and economic contexts, as also on their experience.

Branding’s strategy is very important. The brand’s owner can not control how the company is seen by others, reason why is important to differentiate from others, once when a brand and its experiences are unique and incredible, the hypothesis of being seen and remembered are huge.

Brands need values, a purpose which will guide all their actions, from the product’s conception to the way it is promoted on many communication channels.

Why is branding important for business?

Now that we have defined bramd and branding, you must ask yourself: “What about its importance?”. The answer is very simple: the market, today, has become way more competitive than before, and it has a purpose. We are not only talking about a simple positioning. Consumers no longer want a product, they want, as said before, an unique and exclusive experience.

When a brand achieves a connection with its consumer thanks to the purpose, the perception the consumer has with the price can change. A good example is the american brand Apple: the brand sells not only a product, but also a long-term investment. The public can see this this and they do not mind paying more for that, as they know it is a quality product with great duration.

A brand must have a personality and a purpose, it must create identification with people, its stories, causes and beliefs, as also promote a good brand experience, beyond having a coherent visual identity with the positioning. These are the ‘key’ ingredients to recommendation, a powerful weapon on these days to raise new clients.

Well, for today that’s it. We hope you have enjoyed the article and you have understood how brand’s management world and branding work. We also hope you have understood that selling just a product by itself is not smart. Always keep in mind that the consumer wants something different from others and that only you have the opportunity to give him that.

Thank you and see you soon.😊


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