Communicate with your partners network

Comunique com a sua rede de parceiros

Company partners are all audiences that contribute to the company’s success, whether employees, customers or suppliers. Media em Movimento explains how the influence in each one takes your company further, whether with link building or networking.

We all know that Together we are stronger and that, in times of crisis, we see who is and who is not with the company. Crisis forces the manager to reevaluate his business but also the way he/she communicates with its audiences, so we leave some tips on how to communicate with each one.

1. Employees: your main partner to make the company viable

They can be employees or teams in outsourcing, who in the end should wear the company’s shirt whenever necessary. With this internal audience, communicate:

  • In person – in team meetings
  • In writing – motivational and inspiring texts that lead them to do the ‘Extra Mile’ that is needed to reach more;
  • Social Networks – encourage the sharing of content about the company on employees’ social networks, showing pride in the company they represent;
  • Whatsapp – be part of the company groups and share the achievements as a team.

2. Customers: the purpose of your company

They must be informed about what the company does to overcome the level of service, managing expectations in delivery. So, Media em Movimento suggests:

  • When ordering – try to know the purpose of the order so you can personalize the delivery and surprise the customer. Believe us, it will make all the difference.
  • On delivery – leave a written message thanking the choice with #ofyourcompany and ask for sharing on the client’s social networks. Trust us, whoever is surprised, will want to share with the rest of the world the care that their company took.

3. Partners: your allies in your company’s reputation

Whenever is possible, ask for a referral to your company on the site and / or social networks with direct link to your site. This strategy is called Link building, which basically consists of creating a network of links from several sites to yours. The ultimate goal is that several companies will recommend you, which will increase confidence in your company and increase the visitor traffic to your site. This will increase your digital presence.

Therefore, we recommend:

Suppliers – ask for a written testimony about your company, be it about your professional relationship, delivery times or payment compliance. Everything counts in your favor when they talk about your company

To Institutional Partners – whether associative, institutional or governmental, it is important to reinforce the connection that unites you by collecting a written testimony, a photo that formalizes a protocol, a news item in the press that validates the importance of your union.

The power of networking

Even in niche markets, where all professionals know each other, you should use your list of influential contacts and ask for references from your company.

Participate in online networking meetings, whether from professional associations, industry groups or social media events so you can advertise your company.

But do it with a purpose, following up on the contacts made, finding a reason to create a professional relationship with a particular entrepreneur you met.

Communicating with partners is essential to generate Trust, Reputation and Notoriety because if it is consistent in the way it operates in the market, it will earn the respect of its peers, making a difference and maintaining its mission.

Mafalda Marques, General Director Media em Movimento