Feed your social media

alimente as redes media em movimento

Having a presence on social media is mandatory for any company. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know how to feed them with… content.

It is not easy for a company to create its social media and choose content that can bring about a relationship and interaction with its followers.

But do you know your followers’ profiles? What engages them to their social media channels? The relevance of the content, any information from the sector, or is it just entertainment?

Define your target before you even think about producing content. Many companies have these channels, but they do not define a strategy, which is a waste of time.

Yes, social media require a lot of time, from planning to the creation of segmented content, the choice of images that illustrate the topic, and the types of interaction.

If you have no one in the team to manage your company’s social media, hand that mission over to experts, because the results will be visible, and your investment will pay off in the short term.

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