Sanbot service robots arrive in Portugal

sanbot beltrão coelho

Sanbot, a service robot from the Chinese manufacturer Qihan, arrived in Portugal and is now available to facilitate the daily lives of companies and is already being tested in a hotel in Lisbon.

With 20 kilos and 90 centimeters in height, Sanbot is a social robot, highly customizable, with simple design and equipped with the latest AI technology, capable of expressing emotions and offering the best experience in interacting with people.

Among the most relevant components, we highlight the sensors that allow unlimited movement, through its 12 small mobile wheels that rotate 360º, allowing navigation on uneven surfaces. It also has ten sensors to avoid obstacles when traveling.

Sanbot robots were created by Chinese technology company Qihan, one of the main global players in the commercialization of social service robots. It was developed in partnership with IBM Watson, Nuance, Sony and in Portugal it is being represented by Beltrão Coelho, which allows companies to make contact with this new technology through a rental system.