The visual identity of your brand speaks for itself

identidade visual media em movimento

The visual identity of your brand speaks for itself. Do you want to know how?

The success of companies depends a lot on the coherence of ideas and concepts practiced by the organization and correctly transmitted. The visual identity and coherence of the image involve factors such as the formation of the concept by the company and the way it is transmitted to its audiences.

A corporate image can only exist when the organization’s identity is clear.

Having a coherent corporate image is an important tool for getting a good corporate identity, in which it refers to the image that the company wants to create, which will lead to its corporate image, which has to do with the perception that a company has among the public.

Hence, to work on this issue is quite significant when it has an immediate impact, for it deals directly with the visual perception of others.

However, to create this corporate image it is necessary to create a Visual Identity System (VIS) – also known as the Visual Identity Program (VIP), called identity.

Thus, the visual identity is “the set of graphic elements that will formalize the visual personality of a name, idea, product or service”.

The VIS’s formation is composed of standardized visual identity elements, starting with basic elements of visual identities, such as the logo, the symbol, the brand, the institutional colors and fonts, in addition to other accessory elements applied to specific items (stationary, signs, uniforms, signage, packaging, environmental graphics, among others).

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