Media em Movimento turns three (video)

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Three years have passed so fast and it looks like it was yesterday that we took this challenge: the will to give voice to projects, turning them into news. More than communicating people, companies, products or services, our concern is always to feel the DNA of each one. That’s when everything happens.

Our purpose is to create contents to the media in motion: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet. National and international.

Our vision, as a communication agency, is to be recognised as people of trust: flexible, credible, ethical and practical.

Our mission is to communicate projects which may have a positive impact into people’s lives, in the community and in society, becoming news. They may be anonymous authors, startup, small and medium companies or big companies. We work under the same values of journalists, so it’s easy to work in a serious, ethical, frontal and rigorous way. We respect and we are respected.

We are a young, dreamful and creative team. We know who we are and where we want to go. Above all, we walk alongside the ones who pick us in every moment – pure consulting. We don’t know how to work in another way.

To all the companies who chose to work with us during these three years thank you for your trust. To all the companies who know us and still hesitate in communicating with the press challenge us! The results are at sight: public, immediate, measurable. To the ones who already invest in the reputation of their company congratulations: you looked for a PR agency and made the right call.

Finally, congratulations to you, who read this message. We’re connected. Believe me.


Mafalda Marques – general manager of Media em Movimento

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