Joe Dispenza comes to Portugal

Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza was in Portugal to promote his new book.

Joe Dispenza, one of the msot famous neurocientist known in the world, was in Portugal from november 28th to november 30th. The North American shared how it’s possible to break habits that harm us and that have roots in our behaviour and personality.

Joe Dispenza guarantees that is possible to change behaviour by reprograming the brain. The seminar took place at the Sana Lisboa Hotel and taught the participants how to do it, through the concept of “neuroplasticity”.

The best selling author about behavioural change was the protagonist of a 2-day seminar and workshop. Joe shared with the participants the concept of neuroplasticity that applies to the change of attitude in sales and in company results.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Dispenza comes to Portugal”

  1. Judite cardoso

    Gostaria de entrar em contacto compessoas que façam o trabalho dele
    Eu comprei tudo dele estudo e faço as meditações dele todos os dias há 6 meses

    1. Mafalda Marques

      Olá Judite. Nós continuamos a acompanhar o Joe Dispensa. Siga-o drjoemymoment.com ou YOUnity Portugal no Instagram e facebook.

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