Citydrive, o carsharing comes to Portugal

Citydrive Media em Movimento

Citydrive is the biggest car sharing platform in Portugal.

Citydrive was born in 2014 and it’s the biggest car-sharing platform operating in Portugal. Operating by with free-floating model, Citydrive is currently is the only one in the country allowing the client to choose the car nearest and, in the end of the journey, park it wherever it’s convenient, as long it’s inside the delimited parking zones in Lisbon.

The bread was firstly created by a software company, but then bought recently by the investment Swiss group Yo!Car.

The register is made online or through the app, where it’s also possible to locate the car, rent it, make the journey and then drop it without having to worry about gasoline, insurance or parking inside Lisbon.

The app is available on both Android and IOS

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