Media em Movimento accredited by Portugal 2020

Media em Movimento is now part of the entities accredited to provide services in the Innovation Vouchers of Portugal 2020. This type of financial support is granted in lost fund and it’s granted as a non-refundable incentive, at a rate of 75%, up to a maximum amount of 15,000 euros per project.

What are the Innovation Vouchers?

  • These are funds granted by Portugal 2020 to reinforce que business empowerment of small and medium enterprises through the support of technological projects.

Who can benefit from these funds?

  • Portuguese SME

What investments can be done with these funds?

  • Consulting in management, digital economy, industrial property and certification

What funds can be granted?

  • Non-refundable fund (maximum budget of 15,000 euros per project
  • Support of expenditures of a maximum rate of 75%

How can I apply?

  • The date of the application must be before hiring the service
  • Must have a positive net position
  • Maximum duration of 12 months
  • The services must be hired to an accredited entity
  • Prove that you’ve consulted with at least two accredited entities.


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