Environment secretary of State defends refuse-derived fuel

TRATOLIXO refuse-derived fuel combustíveis derivados de resíduos media em movimento

Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, in Cascais, received, on July 14th, the conference “Dilemmas and Opportunities in the Waste Sector, Regulation and Investment Needs: New SIGRE Licenses and New PERSU Goals”, organized by Tratolixo, in partnership with Associação para a Gestão de Resíduos (ESGRA), Gestão Global de Resíduos (EGEO), Miranda & Associados e Millennium BCP. Environment secretary of State, Carlos Martins, was the guest of honour, and defended refuse-derived fuel.

Standing before an audience of 150 people, Carlos Martins talked about the most recent challenges of the waste sector, namely PERSU 2020 (Strategic Plan for Urban Waste), which, he said, will be revaluated and readjusted if needed.

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