Marketing Trends 2024 ebook by CCIP

We have once again taken part in the Marketing Trends ebook published by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP). Find out more about the theme our agency is highlighting.

International Communication will once again be in the spotlight as a trend in 2024. This is because companies in the export and internationalization phase neglect communication in favour of sales.

Did you know that some companies communicate their brands even before they hit the market? Yes, because they will generate curiosity and build reputation. Valid for strong brands in the country of origin or with a large technological and disruptive component, such as startups.

When a company decides to expand internationally, it must know well the target market, understand the culture and specific sensitivities, identify the competition and communicate like the locals. We can do that, because we work as a network.

On an international level, many businesses die at the border due to cultural barriers. Anyone who ignores this will fail.

Networking is key to sustained growth in target markets, so having a partner in the home market to support your international marketing strategy is crucial to overseeing the implementation of the strategy and simplifying your decision-making throughout the process.

Note: the original article can be read in full in the Ebook Marketing Trends 2024