Digital Influencers: the new profession of the 21st century 

If you have social networks, it is certain that you have already come across a publication of a digital influencer sharing a product or service and maybe even bought it, this is precisely where comes in, the influencing role of this new 21st century profession. 

The truth is that, nowadays, the trend is for people to spend more and more time on social media. As such, there is a growing tendency for the people we follow to influence our buying habits, behaviours, and lifestyles. Content creators who work according to an influencer marketing logic, have been registering a growing importance in the current mediatic and corporate landscape and, therefore, have proven to be a key element in the communication and marketing strategies adopted by many companies. 

But what is Influencer Marketing all about? 

Broadly speaking, influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that establishes a connection between the brand and the content creators’ target audience, so that their image is associated with the brand. 

According to a study conducted in 2021 by the influencer marketing agency Spark, in partnership with the market research institute QaualiBest, 76% of consumers have already bought some service based on the recommendation of an influencer. This happens based on the logic that when a consumer follows daily on social network, someone who shares their personal life, likes and interests, they feel close to them, gaining affinity and trust in their recommendations. 

A growing profession 

There is a tendency for people to no longer be influenced by “traditional” advertising communication from brands. On the other hand, it is the people closest to them who have the greatest capacity to influence them, so it’s the personal side of the influencer-follower relationship that makes all the difference in this field of marketing. 

The progressive growth of social networks alongside the number of daily users means that the reach of these platforms has been increasing, thus explaining why, day by day, more and more digital influencers adopt this activity as a profession. 

By: Margarida Oleiro, Trainee Strategic Communication Trainee