How to catapult a business? Communication is the key


Communication is a broad world. Therefore, we know that when comes the time to decide in which area we should invest it becomes difficult to choose. From media consultancy to digital marketing, without leaving aside paid digital campaigns, events organization, reputation management, or the relationship with influencers, the ideal is to strive for an integrated communication which means holding together all communication areas in order to reach a larger audience more efficiently. Nevertheless, today we will explain to you a little bit more about each area and their advantages and disadvantages.

By: Sofia Neves, digital marketeer

Media Consultancy

Media Consultancy is built on the relationship with the journalists, to whom you can tell a story about your business. By sending press releases, we create opportunities for interviews and journalistic reports and by organizing events with journalists, media consultancy allows you to far-reach mediatic online results, on paper, radio or television.

Besides being able to market position your business by having articles published in media outlets of reference in your sector, as you reach a larger audience you are also able to strengthen your businesses’ image and reputation. In addition, the results that come from the media consultancy work are organic (which means, not paid) so they have a different impact on the public as they face the information in a more transparent way. Finally, media consultancy is a great tool for moments when is necessary to work on crisis management. This happens because if you maintain a relationship with journalists in case of crisis, you will have built a relationship that allows you to have statements and manage the situation.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing goes from the organic management of social media to paid campaigns. It is due to this tool that you can through digital platforms, promote ad publicize your brand and products. In this way, you will have available a number of actions that you can take and which should be considered once digital marketing is crucial to any company.

What are the advantages of investing in Digital Marketing?

First of all, you should note that through digital marketing your company will be found. This means that through social media or search engines it will be possible for people to get to know your business and consequently, your products. Moreover, we can´t forget that the possibility of building a relationship with potential clients through digital marketing, allows you to talk directly with your public and for them to talk directly with you. It’s even possible to reach your target audience through paid campaigns built on segmentation and track the buying process of your clients, which makes possible for you to adapt your customer retention strategy.

Events organization

The event’s organization encompasses physical, digital, and hybrid events that go from participation in fairs to internal events of celebration. They demand detailed planning and some investment but the added value they bring is undeniable.

What are the advantages of investing in events organization?

Organizing and participating in events like forums and fairs or creating your own initiatives will allow you to position yourself in your business sector as those activities can be reported on media. Furthermore, events are also a great opportunity to attract and retain talent as well as to reach potential clients and promote your product and business to potential partners.

You can also consider investing in other areas like design and multimedia which allow you to have a coherent and more attractive identity in relationships with influencers who will have a larger audience. Everything is going to depend on your goals, resources, and after, on evaluation of the actions you take.

The most important is to give communication an opportunity. That is the key to catapult your business. Good Luck!