Landing page: what is it and how to create a relevant and effective page?

landing pages

Landing page is a form of communication widely used in digital marketing and has been assuming great prominence in most digital strategies. It’s not worth having a good organic positioning or well optimized ads if the user ends up being directed to a poorly structured landing page.

The truth is that this landing page can dictate whether the user continues on your brand’s website or abandons it in the second after. Imagine the following scenario: you can attract thousands of visitors to your blog or website, but you can’t take them to the next step, which would be filling out a form. In theory, all these visits would be positive, but in practice the main objective would not be met.

It is in this context that specific pages are created, which have the clear goal of leading the visitor to become a lead and, consequently, a customer. However, this page does not necessarily have to be the homepage of your website, so it is essential to distinguish one from the other.

Landing page goals

It’s essential that your landing page has well defined objectives and that it’s optimised to achieve them. However, there is a common function to all these pages that will always be the goal of any brand: conversion.

This conversion can be done in various ways: by filling out a form, making a phone call or buying a product or service.

How to structure my landing page

Most landing page creation platforms offer numerous solutions of very attractive and effective templates. However, there are some points that should be taken into account when creating the structure of your page:

  • Ensure that the landing page breathes, i.e., choose to keep several blank spaces so that the page does not become tiresome;
  • Use different fonts and sizes to emphasize the most relevant details, such as the call to action (CTA’s);
  • Always keep a clean presentation, pay attention to the choice of colours, because these should be thought of in order to guarantee a better user experience;
  • Always opt to use original and quality images, because, many times, some images taken from the Internet may be subject to copyright.
  • What content should the landing page have?

When it comes to developing the content of your landing page, there are some good practices that you should consider, not only to increase the effectiveness of your page, but for it to be well received by search engines. In this sense, we leave you some tips that can be a good help in the development of this page:

  • Using testimonials will always be an added value, as it is a great indicator for those who visit the page for the first time. Nowadays, the opinions of clients count more than ever;
  • Don’t have exit links from the page. An easy exit can lead many of your visitors to not perform the intended action;
  • Responsive design, the must have nowadays. There’s no point in having an attractive design if your page doesn’t work on all devices.

The importance of testing

As with most strands in digital, analysis and tracking of results are key to the success of your strategy. It is essential, once the landing page is live, to analyse the first results and adjust as often as necessary to make it successful.

One of the best ways to test your page is to perform an A/B test, that is, a performance comparison between two versions of the landing page in order to verify the effectiveness of the page and understand if the changes that are being made have the desired effect.

As always, in digital marketing nothing is immutable and this monitoring should be done thoroughly so that you can achieve the desired results.

Important metrics

To carry out this follow-up it is necessary to take into consideration some indicators that will measure the effectiveness of your landing page:

  • Conversion rate;
  • Traffic origin
  • Average time on page
  • Rejection rate.

By mastering the creation of landing pages, you can develop a strategy that really impacts your target audience and, consequently, improves your results. We hope that this article will bring you closer to your goals.

By: Gonçalo Figueira, digital marketeer