Case British School of Lisbon – 2022

British School of Lisbon

After being founded in 2019, the British School of Lisbon, which was born with the aim of offering the same standards of education as the best private schools in the UK, has planned to open its second campus in Lisbon, following an agreement with the Football Club “Os Belenenses”. To do so, he contacted Media em Movimento, with the aim of organizing the project presentation event, publicizing the news in the press, and also to receive support in the management of partnerships, in order to position the school as a national reference.

How did we do it? We started by focusing on the event and its organization: in addition to helping with the logistics of the event, with support for its organization, we were the ones who ensured the development of communication supports and their respective production, as well as the presence of some media, who shared the moment. In addition, we then carried out the production of content that was sent to the media, in order to further enhance the dissemination of the new campus.

What are the results? The project presentation event was a success! With all the logistics assured and various activities taking place throughout the day, two media outlets were present, publicizing the event. In addition, with the subsequent sending of information to the media, we obtained more than 20 news in the media about the new campus, thus managing to increase the notoriety of the British School of Lisbon.