Website, why do I need you?


It is increasingly important for companies to have a website. Well, we explain below all the reasons that will make you create your company’s website or improve the one you already have.

The mirror of your business

Websites are one of the most important working tools of every company: they are where services, products, contacts, or even examples of your work already done for other clients are displayed, which means websites are the showcases that will give credibility and online visibility that you desire so much for your company.

And what advantages do I have, other than those already mentioned above, in having a website for my company? Having a website is more economical, effective, and flexible than many of the other traditional advertising media. Unlike traditional media, in which you have deadlines to keep up with, high production costs and cannot change at any time the information they contain, on your website you can include everything you want, since it has unlimited space, you can change at any time the information if you think it needs to be updated to better meet your business strategy and, since it is something permanent, it is accessible just a few clicks away from whoever is looking for it – visibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

Another reason we can mention is the fact that having a website helps attract customers. Today, customers give more and more importance to detail and always look for as much information online as possible before buying any product/good/service. By combining a good website with a good marketing strategy, it is possible to think about the consumer and try to understand the needs of those who search for your website, why they do it, and what they want to know.

It is also important to realize that everything now is online, that nowadays people look for everything on the internet and if they don’t find your company they will find another one with the same services and that will satisfy them as well.

It is, therefore, essential to create your site and optimize it to be found by search engines, with the known SEO techniques, which will allow your website to be seen by those same search engines as a quality and relevant website for those who use it.

Important factors to take into account:

  • Having well-structured content;
  • Fast servers;
  • A correct application of tags, which will allow your website to be better positioned in Google’s results pages.

Having a website also helps your social media to grow. If you create a good website, you can always create direct links to your social media, so that people who visit your website don’t have to search for you on other platforms and can go directly from your website to the social media they are looking for. This way, it is easier to increase the followers of your other platforms as well, creating more traffic between them and between the content you post on your channels. 

Another great advantage of having a website is the ease of creating a standard answer. Within your website you can have a specific page that indicates some frequently asked questions, and a standard answer as well, so that the customers can get the information they are looking for, feeling closer to your company and more easily believing that you will be the ideal choice.

Last but not least, having a website allows you to get feedback from customers. Creating that bond of trust and transparency with your customers shows that your company is open to listening and interested in improving what is not so good. In addition, having good feedbacks and reviews also attracts other customers who like to read about other experiences before deciding whether or not to purchase a particular service.

On the internet, the investment in marketing may be smaller, and yet your website will be seen by a more qualified audience since the segmentation is greater.

And now that I already have a website, what should I do with it?

Keep it up to date, of course! As in other matters, if you don’t take care of what you have, you end up throwing away all the work you’ve already done. It’s important to keep analyzing your website metrics and to figure out what is and isn’t working – the more targeted your website is to those who visit it, the easier it will be to have greater reach, less loss and greater efficiency. Keeping your website up to date helps users have a better experience when they visit and feel more trust in your company. Want to make your company stand out? Start creating your website today!

By: Mariana Guerreiro, digital marketing trainnee