What to expect from digital marketing in 2022?

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2022 is almost here and, with it, new trends in the world of social media and digital marketing. What to expect from this new year, then? Let’s find out.

Over the years, digital marketing has been guided by one rule: if you want to prosper, you must be able to keep up with everything that happens in the world, digital and beyond, since change is constant, and, simultaneously, you must be able to innovate too.

For example, in 2021, because of the pandemic situation, consumer habits, as well as their needs and expectations, have changed. And with them, brands, and companies too, both in terms of the offer and in the way of communicating. In 2022, digital marketing still has as main trend to adapt to consumers.

But, after all, what trends do we have in sight?

1 – The usage of videos was already in 2021 one of the great bets of digital marketing. Inspite of that, it is expected that in 2022 this audiovisual content will allow your social media to go further. In fact, this focus on video is notable even through the identification of new social media tools and the new social media themselves, as in the case of Instagram and its video-related updates, or as in Tik Tok, which doesn’t stop growin.

2 – Social selling came not only to stay, but to grow more and more. If e-commerce has gained relevance, especially during the pandemic, we now see social media themselves kept up with this phenomenon, creating direct sales mechanisms through social media, as is the case of Instagram Shopping or the Facebook Marketplace. These can be the stage for new strategies by companies.

3 – The focus on content, which was already necessary before the pandemic, is now even more needed. Consumers want something that goes beyond products and services and, also because of the increase in user-generated content, they are now more selective than ever. In addition, content will increasingly have an inclusive aspect, according to Social Media Trends 2022.

4 – The importance of user data remains, since it is what allows companies to make the right decisions and deliver the best possible experience to customers. However, in this context, some challenges are in sight: according to the Social Media Trends 2022 report, both because of the growing concerns regarding privacy, and because Google has indicated that it will no longer support third-party cookies, the digital future must be rethought, and companies need to find new ways to reach consumers and new strategies for measuring and evaluating their actions.

5 – Audio has also gained a new role: if, on one hand, we have podcasts as a way of boosting business, some social media have also bet on this format (such as Twitter, with Spaces, or the Clubhouse, which was created just for that purpose), as Borda Comunicação and Grupo Stefanini note. However, this is still a matter of development, so it is difficult to predict its future. The best thing to do is to continue to follow audio trends and, if it makes sense, bet on this tool.

6 – According to the Stefanini Group, artificial intelligence, especially through bots, will continue to allow a different interaction with customers, which means it is possible to achieve greater engagement through personalized experiences.

7 – The events took a 180º turn during the pandemic and don’t seem to be returning to their starting point. Thus, the Stefanini Group also says that we will see hybrid events gaining more and more prominence, with each company having to make its own decision: do they want to be restricted to physical events or, now that virtual events have opened new paths, does it make sense to them bet on hybrid events?

8 – More and more, brands will lead to a decentralization of social media, says the report by Hubspot and Talkwalker. All companies need their communities, but not on social media platforms, a disputed space with several obstacles created by the platforms themselves. Thus, we will see the creation of forums or mobile applications that will allow the aggregation and control of audiences. What are the implications of this? We will have to wait and see.

The year 2021 brought a series of changes, especially for digital marketing, as it significantly changed the realities of consumers and, consequently, their needs and expectations. 2022 will be no exception and the best thing for companies to do is to bet on adaptating and innovating, and prepare to follow the identified trends, to reach their audience. And now? Ready to enter 2022?

By Sofia Neves, marketing digital 





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