How to boost your business with a podcast?


A podcast is a form of communication that gained relevance over the years, with millions of listeners around the world. Thus, companies also have an opportunity in this format to boost their businesses. There is only one question: how can you do it?

Podcasts, which are audio programs that can be listened to at any time through different platforms, have gained importance, as they allow reaching and engaging consumers and potential customers. When creating one for your company, you should consider several steps.

  1. Define your podcast’s goal: do you want to reach potential customers, engage customers, grow your brand, or position yourself as an expert in the field?
  2. Decide who is your audience, since this will influence your other decisions.
  3. Choose which subjetcs you will cover throughout the episodes and which format you will adopt:
    • A monologue, in which you can tell some stories or discuss ideas or give tips;
    • Interviews, where you can talk to different guests;
    • A conversation, in which different people get to chat freely about different topics.
  4. Decide how often you are going to publish your podcast – is it weekly, biweekly, or monthly?
  5. Develop a script to follow while recording your podcast. This way, you will ensure you can manage the topic and the time you have to address it.
  6. Edit your audio, placing sound effects or some music, for example.
  7. Once you finish the podcast, publish it on your website or in a platform.

Despite this process looking simple, do not forget that you must ensure you will have listeners, so do not forget to share your podcast on your social media, which can be boosted simultaneously. Also, bet on a blog where you can publish your podcast episodes, and give more information about the topics covered, as this will increase the website traffic.

Your company’s podcast can also have guests, which allows a greater reach, as they will share the episodes. You can also try to join other podcasts, taking your brand further. Once you get a more stable audience, you can get sponsors or create partnerships that make sense for your brand and for your program.

Why a podcast?

Content marketing can take several forms, so why should you bet on a podcast? This way, your company can create creative and relevant content that is of interest to customers and potential customers, while it simultaneously allows the promotion of products and brands, the positioning of companies and their employees, and the reinforcement of a company’s credibility. In addition, podcasts allow companies’ marketing to be valued, which may result in increased engagement from consumers, in increased traffic to the company’s website and it allows you to approach audiences and ‘humanize’ your company.

Through this format you can also create a relationship of trust with customers, as they will be able to know who is behind the company and, if you decide so, they will have their voice heard, whether by answering questions or reading comments, which brings a greater familiarity and increased recognition.

Here are some examples of successful podcasts for inspiration:

  • Ted Talks Daily, which gives voice to various ideas from different people;
  • How to start a Start Up, by the Y Combinator accelerator and the Stanford University, on how to create and manage a startup;
  • Feel the Future, created by Audi, which addresses current issues and how they will impact the future;
  • Open For Business, created by eBay and Gimlet Creative, about the creation of a business.

There is only one question left: what are you waiting for? Give your brand a voice through a podcast and go further.

By: Sofia Neves, press officer in Media em Movimento