Solar das Camélias nursing home receives the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Solar das Camélias nursing home’s users have already received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Thus, the 31 users from the senior residence, with ages between 57 and 98 years old, are now all vaccinated against the Covid-19. 

The Solar das Camélias nursing home had received the first dose of the vaccine on january 22, and got the second dose on february 15, with a break of 24 days. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the nursing home didn’t have any case of Covid-19, thanks to the implementation of strict policies, that have been followed. 

“Thankfully, on the institutions that belong to the “Círculo de Mestres” group there weren’t positive cases of Covid-19 in this hard time of the pandemic. This situation can be explained by the determination and courage of all those who, daily, work on the right functioning of the institutions. The exceptional rigorous work, allied to a continuous formation and to the scrupulous fulfilment of all norms that were imposed by Direção Geral de Saúde, made this moment possible, as also a positive feeling related on this harder moment of our global society”, said João Simões, the operational coordinator of nursing home Solar das Camélias. 

“The vaccination process was faced by everyone with a lot of anxiety, but the process went well, with any kind of problem. The importance of the vaccination goes beyond the physical and medical plans. When this phase is over, there will come a bigger tranquillity. Still, there will be a continuous sense of responsibility inherent to the situation”, he concluded. 

The vaccination of the nursing home Solar das Camélias belongs to the first stage of the vaccination’s strategy defined by the Government. 

The nursing home Solar das Camélias, in Albergaria-a-Velha, belongs to “Círculo de Mestres”, a project of senior residences that is still in expansion. This project came up as an answer to the growing need of beds and nursing homes for the elderly and counts with a side of constant intellectual and wellbeing development.