Strategies to enhance your Twitter account

Estratégias para potenciar o Twitter

Hello, dear reader, here we are for another article about social media. This time, we are going to talk about social media which was born in 2006 – you still don’t know what we are talking about? This social media is known for its texts with no more than 280 characters and these texts are called tweets. Already found out? Today, we are going to talk about Twitter and give you some hints so that you can use it on digital strategies.

Before, we must understand a little about what is this social media, how it came up, and how it works. We must know where we are before we start walking.

Twitter is a different social media. While in some platforms we can writ whith no limits, here we have to put everything we want to say on a 280 characters post, named tweet. While being a social media, Twitter also works as server to microblogging. Created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, the initial idea was that Twitter would work as a “SMS of the internet” with the same limitation of characters that a mobile phone has. Officialy, Twitter was only released on july of the same year. By this time, tweets could only have until 140 characters – Twitter only doubled the available number of characters for these messages on 2017.

On Twitter, we have some different tools:

  • Retweet

The “retweet” works as the “share” of other social media. This tool alows to replicate a user’s message while giving him credits. You also can add a comment on your retweet.

  • Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists allow users to create shareable lists of users, which allow promoting the reading of someone’s content by a group of followers.

  • Trending topics

Trending topics are a real time listo f the most discussed topics on the social media, no only locally but also as worldwide. The best way of putting your tweet on this lis tis by using hastags (#).

  • Fleets

This is a new tool. Announced on march of 2020, i tis only available in Brasil. It allows you to publish contente that disappear in 24 hours, as the stories of Instagram or Facebook.

Now that we have talked about the Twitter tools, we will give you six tips of marketing on Twitter. Are you ready? Let’s go.

1) The use of hashtags

It is not necessary to be a genius to understand the power of hastags. We already know how they work and its reaching power. In fact, it was on Twitter that hastags were born. However, it is important to understand that it is not as simple as writing a meaningless random word and putting the #. Think well before you use the hastags and , the most important: try not to use them all in once. Some sites can help you finding the perfect hastag: Hashtagify or  Ritetag.

2) The use of images on tweets

Do you know the saying “An image is more worthy than a thousand words”? Well, this sentence is true and I can show it to you. When you put an image on your tweet, the chances of getting more attention and having a click on your tweet are higher. Of course, you cannot tweet about a house and use the image of a book, the image must be related to what is being said. Accordingly to a research made by Buffer, tweets with an image have 89% more chances of being targeted as favorites.

3) Videos for a good interaction

As previously said, images are easy targets to catch your public’s attention on Twitter. However videos can get you even more attention. Accordingly to the research of AdWeek, videos have six more chances of being retweeted than a photo and three more than a gift. Beyond getting attention, they are a way of sharing information with your public.

4) Creative call to actions

Marketing beyond Twitter intends to improve sells and leads and also to increase downloads and click on your website. But how do we get people to do what we ask? Simples: call to actions. tem como objetivo impulsionar vendas, leads, gerar um aumento de downloads e aumentar os cliques para o seu website. Mas como fazer com que as pessoas façam o que é pedido? Simples: call to actions (CTA)! When you tweet with an appealing CTA, the probabilities of users clicking on a link or retweeting are bigger than just a “click here”. Be creative, do not be afraid to change the game, remember that things happen on real time, and sometimes you just need a different sentence to get your public’s attention.

5) Keep your tweets frequent

Who is not seen cannot be remembered and on Twitter this is the rule. The user needs to be seen by his followers and, because on this platform there is much content, it is needed an extra effort to be visible. Still, you must be careful with the amount of tweets, because sometimes they can upset your followers. You must find a balance on the amount of published tweets.

6) Interaction with brands and people

What differentiates Twitter is how people can rapidly communicate, and here we have an advantage. How? I tis simple. Through words, you can create a relationship. As previously referred, i tis easy to to communicate directly to someone on Twitter – when you tweet, the chances of starting a conversation with others are always bigger. Let’s see na exemple: imagine you saw Dior publishing about something you found interesting and to which you decided to tweet. From there, other followers can answer to your message and so on. You must study how your public interacts with you on Twitter in order to increase your interaction with them.

We have now come to an end in this article. We hope you liked our tips and that they will help you with your profile on Twitter. If you liked this article, what about going through our blog and find out more about content about social media or contact us?

See you next time 😊

Pedro Montijo, digital strategist in Media em Movimento



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