Instagram: the social media network that every company should join

Instagram: a rede social a que todas as empresas deviam aderir

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

While for users it is the favorite place to get more likes, comments and publish photos and videos, for companies it represents an opportunity to get closer to their target audience.

In 2019, according to Sprout Social, there were more than 1 billion active users with impressive numbers of interaction: 15 times more than on other platforms. And 90% follow at least one company – and here we can already see how much the brands also want to participate. In the continuation of the studies carried out by Sprout Social, 83% of the users who are part of this social network discover new brands, new products and new services.

Instagram accumulates several functionalities and one of them is to feed marketing strategies of companies of all sizes and, I would say, of almost all types of businesses.

One of the main features that draws attention is the visual content. Therefore, the user can publish his photographs to his followers, who are the ones who decide to receive his updates. In the middle of this relationship, interactions arise: comments, tastes, reposts – in case the content is not private -, the views – are responsible for guiding the algorithm and bringing useful content to the user / company.

There are several reasons why a company should have an Instagram account. We list some below:

1.Business profile

The company, having a commercial profile on this social network has access to some important information from its followers, such as the age group, gender and location of its audience, reach of the posts and stories it publishes. In turn, this type of data allows us to assess which types of publications are working and which are not generating good results. Through Instagram you can have more reach for your audience and will boost your ads, but for that, first, you need to plan and create a digital strategy and understand who your audience is in order to define what content you will produce and publish.


Instagram is a completely visual social network and if you want to be successful here you must have good images – an essential requirement.

Like most social networks, this platform also aims to entertain and amuse the user, so it is important for a company to invest in high quality images that differentiate from what already exists, not only to attract more followers, but add value to your brand, conveying your business ideas.

3.Connection between networks

Instagram was one of the networks acquired by Facebook, which saw in it the potential to go further. The fact that Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Instagram allowed a link to be created between them. For example, when you publish an image on Instagram it can – if you allow it – be automatically shared on the Facebook page, just connect the networks, contributing to the dissemination of publications and increased interaction with the public.


Hashtag is a term associated with themes that can be searched on social networks, inserting the cardinal symbol (#) before a word, phrase or expression. Hashtags started on Twitter, but the reach of these tags quickly became apparent and Instagram is one of the networks where this works in full harmony.

Each hashtag created generates a hyperlink that allows you to direct the search to all people who have also marked their content with that specific hashtag. That is, it is a practical and simple way to gather different contents on a given topic. You can even follow certain hashtags – this means that you will receive content in your feed from users that you don’t actually follow, but that by using a hashtag that you follow you will be able to see that content – as long as it is public, of course.

In this way, the company makes it easier for the user, interested in the content in question, to reach his profile, making it a good strategy to make the content impact new people to know his brand or business.

However, it is not enough to create hashtags already used to attract such followers. We advise you to do an exhaustive search on the keywords that identify with your content and target audience and that have more content published.


Instagram stories – or story, or Instastory – are a feature that has the function of improving the interaction between users.

It is one of the most recent features of Instagram and allows the publication of photos or videos that are visible for up to 24 hours – and can then be saved in highlights. For example: if you have a profile for a clothing brand and publish stories about the clothes you have for sale, it may make sense to create a highlight for dresses, another for tank tops, out there.

In a commercial profile, this is not only a great way to publicize events or promotional activities, but also to disseminate something like the everyday of what is done within a company or activities in which they are involved, making the brand more personalized and closer of those who see it, thus increasing the probability of gaining new followers.

Instagram manages not only to be a social network of fun and entertainment but also to be essential for a company’s digital marketing strategy. It is through social networks like this that the public wants to know more and, as a consequence, a greater connection with the brand is generated.

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Inês Antunes


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