Platform beamian is a success story in the events sector


Beamian, an event platform founded in 2013, bet on digital transformation to respond to the current pandemic context and take an active role in the reinvention and subsistence of the sector. The platform now allows migration between virtual and hybrid events, without any prejudice to customers.

In a pandemic context, beamian was forced to integrate fully virtual events. Thus, it now allows organizing events in any part of the world, in a virtual or hybrid regime, guaranteeing the migration between the two, and ensures that they take place in any circumstance, without prejudice to customers.

In addition to helping in the recovery of the sector and the economy, beamian developed, during the pandemic, the mobile application HeadCounter, a free tool that allows the counting, in real-time, of the entry and exit of people in any establishment, to which all users can access, free of charge.

“We wanted, since the beginning of the pandemic, to take an active role in the recovery of the event industry, with a focus on helping the sector’s digital transformation. Thanks to the investments we have been receiving, we continue to scale globally. Although we are still living in a pandemic context, the trend is for growth. ”, Says Sérgio Pinto, founder of beamian.