COPS is recognized by DECO for providing security services to consumers and condominiums


COPS, a Portuguese private security company, receives the DECO PROTESTE SELECT and DECO CONDOMINIO+certifications from DECO, the consumer protection organization. COPS is thus recognized at the national level for the provision of private and electronic security services, as well as security services in condominiums.

COPS receives DECO PROTESTE SELECT and DECO CONDOMINIO+ certifications after an audit carried out by Bureau Veritas, which analyzed and ensured that all services and operating procedures, as well as all standards, are in compliance with the requirements established by DECO.

The Portuguese private security company has been developing and obtaining certifications that ensure the services’ quality and suitability among its clients. With DECO PROTESTE SELECT guarantee, it is distinguished as one of the best companies that perform services in several areas, as safety and prevention, and with the DECO CONDOMINIO+ certification, not only are the quality, but also the credibility and efficiency of the company’s security services in condominiums.

“DECO’s recognition recognizes the efforts we make in providing services to our clients and are a way of standing out from our peers. This is possible thanks to the effort, made by all our security guards, whose level of commitment is remarkable, coupled with the development and implementation of management measures that have as their main objective to boost the company’s productive capacity. Thus, we achieve, through a continuous improvement of work processes and methods, an increase in efficiency in the management of resources and an increase in the quality of the provided service”, says Manuel Sacramento, client manager.

The new certifications COPS has just received allow consumers to find more easily companies that are considered by DECO of quality and trust.