Nursing homes in Aveiro provide vacancies for users from other institutions with Covid-19

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The nursing home Solar das Camélias, in Albergaria-a-Velha, and the nursing home Casa do Sol Poente, in Requeixo, are available to receive users from other institutions, despite the current pandemic situation. These nursing homes are in solidarity with families and other institutions that are affected by Covid-19 outbreaks, so they are providing, with associate cost, some vacancies from their residences.

The outbreaks in nursing homes have already decreased considerably, but there still is a need for users’ transfer from institutions that still are fighting against the Covid-19. Most nursing homes are refusing to receive users from external users, from other external institutions, alleging danger of contagion to residents.

This situation has put many families in startle. But then comes a network of homes that doesn’t fear the pandemic and opens its doors to Portuguese and foreigner residents, if they present a negative PCR test and fulfill 14-day isolation. In case they haven’t been vaccinated, these nursing homes will speed up the vaccination process with health entities.

We are talking about Solar das Camélias, in Aveiro, which provides a vacancy for a male user and predicting to open a vacancy for female users from April 1, and Casa do Sol Poente, which is available for new users from other institutions. Both nursing homes have finished the vaccination process, and have very restricted politics of security and access to the facilities, following the recommendations from Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

Joana Barros, technical director in Casa do Sol Poeente, explains that “In Casa do Sol Poente, the military fulfillment of every norms and recommendation from DGS is what allows us to keep with many activities and still receive new users, ensuring their security”.

In these nursing homes, multidisciplinary activities are developed, combining physiotherapy and socio-cultural animation. These activities vary according to needs and cognitive levels as if they are in a group or individuals. Besides, all familiars can follow the users’ daily routine, just a click away.

Liliana Araujo, technical director from Solar das Camélias, explains why they open up doors to external residents in this pandemic: we bet on the development of activities where our residents can be creative, enhance their intellectual capacities and, mainly, be happy in a familiar environment”.

Solar das Camélias and Casa do Sol Poente belong to a network of nursing homes Círculo de Mestres, an emergent national project for its different concept of senior mobility between field, city, and beach, in the function of their personal and life needs.