Inokem reinvents itself and develops exclusive disinfectants against Covid-19


Inokem, a portuguese biotechnology start-up specialized in chemical and biological solutions, in full transformation, has adapted itself and is helping to revive the economy by developing unique disinfectants which allow to prevent contagion by Covid-19

Inokem uses recent engineering techniques to develop more efficient solutions, that can be compatible with the environment. As such, 96% of its solutions are made with 100% biodegradable materials, which allow to walk to a zero environmental impact. It also seeks, through its innovation department, formulas that use biology as basis for future solutions.

The company is 100% portuguese and offers sectorized solutions, certifying, since 2012, its solutions in the independent laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, guaranteeing its transparency and quality.

Recently, Inokem went through an intensive transformation, focusing itself even more on biotechnology, the environment and people. Based on the existing know-how, it developed new formulas for specific solutions in the pandemic contention of Covid-19, namely for the disinfection of human beings in decontamination booths , the disinfection of all type of clothes and shoes, as well as the disinfection of public spaces without any contraindications.