Vivafit Portugal challenges women to “Lose Weight in 6 Weeks”


The first 2012 edition of the “Lose Weight in 6 Weeks” challenged by Vivafit Portugal ended on 31st of March. The five female winners won the prize of more than 20.000 euros.

Vivafit Portugal set the challenge “Lose Weight in 6 Weeks”. Targeting new and current associates of the female only gym, the challenge reached all 59 centres. The challenged welcomed 7.000 women of which 2.300 were new associates. The amount of weight lost equalled 1 ton and 400 kilos.

“The result couldn’t be more satisfactory. Having 7.000 women who were willing to take the first step towards changing their life style is the goal of Vivafit’s mission – allying physical exercise with nutrition and coaching – for a healthier life style.”

“Lose Weight in 6 Weeks” challenge will return in November 2012, hoping to involve 10.000 participants and reach the 2-ton weight loss.