How to communicate a brand when the subject is the World Cup?


More than just na event, the FIFA World Cup promotes support for national teams and passion for soccer worldwide. This year, the championship will kick off on November 20th in Qatar, but for months the event has been driving the media agenda, social events, the emergence of new products and, of course, the communication campaigns of brands in various parts of the world.

Whether it is through the union between new trends and the passion for soccer, or by inserting their products and services in the FIFA soccer atmosphere, the goal is for supporters to live the event through the brand experience. There are some companies that have already managed to achieve this goal and that will always be in the memory of consumers at such events, such as Coca-Cola.

For more than three decades, Coca-Cola has been the official sponsor of the World Cup and, as a result, has produced numerous successful campaigns that have linked its product to the event. Such is the case with the songs that pack the World Cup. When one thinks of the FIFA World Cup, it is inevitable to associate Coca-Cola with the music that will be sung by the fans and the drink of the moments of celebration of victory. In 2010, the brand launched the official anthem of its campaign for the World Cup, the song “Wavin’ Flag” by the singer K’naan, which eventually became as well known as the official FIFA anthem that year. For the World Cup in Qatar, Coca-Cola recorded in its own “Coke Studio” the official anthem for its campaign called “Kind of Magic”, a tribute to the band Queen, in a collaboration between three female artists.

Coca-Cola is in itself a product that is associated with happiness, moments of togetherness and pleasure. For other brands, the way to be present in an event of such notoriety is from the association to the trends of the moment, so that new publics are reached and new meanings created.

Visa, for example, as an official partner of the FIFA World Cup since 2006, chose to unite soccer with a new trend on the rise this year – NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Backed by an algorithm from XK Studios, the company has launched a collection of five NFTs inspired by landmark goals from different World Cups, which will be auctioned and the money donated to a charity in the UK. Visa will also hold an immersive activation, in partnership with Crypto, a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, official sponsor of the World Cup, in which some fans will be able to make their own digital artwork in honor of soccer, with the possibility of transforming it into NFTs.

Regardless of the product or service, brands want to associate themselves with the World Cup experience with their services and products, showing that they can make themselves present in moments that are important to their customers.

Qatar Airways, for its part, will offer a “FIFA onboard experience,” in which passengers traveling during the championship period will board in football-inspired cabins with exclusive FIFA flight kits, customized dinner menus and pajamas inspired by soccer jerseys. It will also be possible to watch the live broadcast, free of charge, of all the World Cup matches.

The value that this type of action brings to companies goes far beyond the increase in sales. These actions create bonds and affective memories because with this work the brands are present at moments that awaken the best in people – the union, joy, and passion in rooting for their national team. This is a continuous work that leads companies to win lovemarks for generations.

Eduarda Coelho, PR trainee at Media em Movimento


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